Solidarity Group Loans:

This is a membership based savings and credit scheme with the following features:

  • To benefit, the client must belong to a solidarity group (formal or informal), cooperative society, market union e.t.c.
  • Membership of each group must not be less than 5
  • Membership of each must know each other well and have full knowledge of the nature of each others business.
  • A group must not have more than one member of the same family
  • Members will serve as co-guarantors for one another in addition to the joint guarantee of the group.
  • Loan purposed is not restrictive.
  • Group will be responsible for selecting the benefiting members
  • Loan tenor will not be more than 6 month
  • Interest chargeable will be very competitive.

*Terms and Conditions apply.
Call 0700 300 0000 or email for more information.