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When you need a little extra cash to make a dream come true

Cosmopolitan MFB’s proposed loan products are designed to help strengthen the entrepreneurial  base of the active but economically disadvantaged populations across the bank’s catchment areas. In conjunction with the proposed savings products, the bank tries to marry entrepreneurship with capital formation so as to provide the people the require loan to expand their economic base and over time, to support diversification beyond additional small enterprises.

Designing these products, we have adapted both the individual as well as group lending methodologies in order to strike a balance between the needs of our clients and the sustainability of the bank.

Working Capital Loans

These are loan facilities available to micro enterprises and established medium size businesses as short term working capital. They have the following features;

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Fixed Asset Loans

These loans are designed to assist micro enterprises to acquire fixed assets required for their operations and have the following features;

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Small Business Loans

these are designed for small traders and self-employed persons that require loan facilities less than N100,000.00

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Home Improvement Loan

This loan is designed to assist established customers of the bank who might have the need to improve or repair their owner –occupied residences.

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Consumer Loans

Are designed for clients desirous of enjoying the convenience and comfort of modern living through the acquisition of household and assets like electronic gadgets, generators e.t.c. it has the following features.

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Small Medium Enterprises (SME)

This loan product is designed for bridging the gap and transforming the lives of small medium enterprise operators.

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Salary advances

This is available to our clients working in well established organizations.

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Cosmotronic (Asset loan)

This type of loan is designed for low income earners who wants to acquire electronic asset from the bank.

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Solidarity Group Loans

This is a membership based savings and credit scheme with the following features:

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